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Do you know classical legendary Pong game? Yes? Great. But, let's admit, sometimes it get rather boring.

What about, let's say, adding some fun to it? That's exactly the way how my 'Window pong' was created. Yea, it is what you think. Pong, but instead of ball and paddles you have few windows there. Isn't anything better than launch game over work you are working at at the moment and play with friends/colleagues, is it?

And want to know more? It's free!

This game now features

  • Local multiplayer (2 players @ one computer) gameplay.
  • Schizofrenic mode - When one person thinks that he/she is two persons and play this game against each other self

If there is enough interest in the game I will add more and more features. Probably the best thing how to measure interest is donation, so here are my first goals:

  • $10 - I am adding computer to play against as well as two computers playing against each other producing infitity durating video.
  • $40 - I am adding some networking to play game with someone on the other side of the world. And I also have little surprise for you, loyal donors ;)
  • $80 - I will make 3 person mode, staring legendary pong and famous pac-man!

Don't miss anything, stay tuned for updates.

Change log:

  • WindowPong-V3.jar: Removed all bounce randomizations and made paddle bouncing system properly. It is now more controllable, therefore you can make plenty of tricks right now.
  • WindowPong-V2.jar: have added speeding up while playing, so the game is now much more fun to play and also adds some kind of personal achievements like "How long can I keep ball moving without any goal?"
  • WindowPong-V1.jar: Game released for the first time

Btw, that weird looking size of paddles (and ball), that's not me, that's operating system minimal possible width which is way too large :(


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